The short story of me

Welcome Dear Visitor! Thank you for visiting my website! First of all, let me introduce myself.

I am Gabor Fuzi and I live in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Models interest me since I was 12 years old. In the beginning as every child I played with plastic models but as soon as I tried my first paper models I absolutely knew that I want to continue with them. After some time I realized that building is not enough for me and I fell in love with the creative process of planning models. I wanted to give happyness to others with my work. After 20 years it seems that my plan is at the finish line. In a short time I will publish my first release of models, you can read more about it on this page.

Thank you for reading my lines, I hope that in the future you will be one of my satisfied customer too.

Yours sincerely,
Gabor Fuzi

About GAZ-410


Produced 1934-1947. In first few years of production it was named GAZ-S-1. Standard GAZ- AA cut off the back of the frame to 590 mm , while leaving the standard base 3340 mm. A support frame mounted on a truck frame shortened lorry and fastened to it by four ladders . Front frame set locking hooks and body support arm , and on the sides were two slide rails.

Body capacity of 1.1 m3 was made of sheet metal up to 3.5 mm . Under him there was binding frame in which the front thrust bearing installed rails . Lifting mechanism was quite easy to manage . Special handle, which is located between the driver and the door was associated traction and special lever , turning roller, which releases the body , bringing the hook out of engagement . Because the center of gravity relative to the anvil roller and under the action of gravity dropped rear end , turning on all the hinges ( rollers ), and simultaneously under the influence of rod straightens back slightly rolled away on the same rollers. Tailgate reclined cargo weight after run Linkage, and thrust block ceased tailgate . When transporting long goods tailgate reclined in the lower trunnions and held chains , thereby extending the bottom of the platform. The guide rod further attached platform stability and prevent it from skewing rollover.

Technical details

Wheels: 4x2

Formula: 4 cylinder
Compression ratio: 4,22/4,6/4,6
Displecement: 3,285 liters
Torque: 16,5/15,5/17,0 kg/m
Performance: 40 hp @2800 rpm/42 hp @2600 rpm/50 hp @2800 rpm
Fuel consumption: 21 liters/100 km
Fuel tank capacity: 40 liters
Top speed when loaded: 70 km/h
Gearbox: 4+1 speed

Length: 4670mm
Width: 1950mm
Height: 1970mm
Wheelbase: 3340mm

Cerb weight: 1920 kg
Carrying capacity: 1200 kg


First step —
Planning & Design & The idea

The project was launched in April 2012. At the beginning I was just drawing 3D designs. The choice has fallen for this truck because I wanted to create something special, as it was not available. The aim is also to have been from the first moment that a very detailed scale model most similar to the original vector.

Second step —
Drawing & The first demo

In June 2012, the building of the first prototype was in progress. The builder was a member of the Hungarian community of the paper modeling, my friend János Garas. During the construction of the 3D design model continued and a lot of changes was applied. Greater or lesser breaks after, the first prototype have been completed in October 2013. Later this month, the model reached third place on the model exhibition in Nitra.

Third step —
Here we are right now

Since January 2014 and currently forming a booklet is in progress. Implementation of the required changes, the grouping of components, design of the booklet pages are the current tasks which I am working on. The building of the second prototype have been started which will be a white version of the model. The prototype will be completed by János Garas again!

Featured product & Future plans

The current GAZ-410 model is the very first member of my GAZ truck collection. The product will be available soon. The size of every member of the collection is A4. All of the models are based on 5th difficult level and have 1:25 scale. In the future many of the legendary GAZ trucks will be available such as GAZ-55, GAZ-42, GAZ-03-30, GAZ-05-193 or GAZ-AAA.

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